Decision Making Process

Prior to making any decision, you should bear in mind these two most common questions in ethical decision making. Will your actions be ethical if you are asked to do something? How will come up with an ethical decision if you are required to personally make the decision?

In following orders from a superior, be sure to include these factors before making decisions.

• Know your priorities and loyalty

• Be loyal to your own self

• Your loyalty to the company

• Your loyalty to your superior

Always bear in mind the priorities: first is yourself, the company and last is your supervisor. If you are aware that what is being told you to do is wrong, don’t do it. When aren’t sure what is right, then ask the people in authority. Don’t hesitate to ask until you finally get an answer.

Progression of Ethical Decision Making

A person cannot just simply say that their ethical decision making skills have been learned from a book or from a speech of a powerful person. The skill in making ethical decisions is developed from the time you were a toddler until you become a mature individual. Making ethical decisions follows a certain progression where different phases teach an individual an important skill. The first phase of developing ethics is the preconventional stage. This is usually completed in childhood wherein More...

Ethical Decision Making in Hospitals

The medical field is one of the job groups that constantly use ethical decision making in their daily routines. When the lives and the welfare of the patients are at risk, critical thinking and careful deliberation of action plans are needed in order to come up with an ethical choice. Doctors, nurses, and other members of the health care team are involved in the process but it is usually the attending doctor that has the final say on which decision More...

Challenges in Ethical Decision Making

The process of making an ethical decision may look simple and quick if you look at it through its framework. Unfortunately, ethical decision making is very difficult since there are a lot of challenges that are involved when making these decisions. There will be a lot of people who will be affected and there are also some personal issues that will be triggered. A very common yet truly complicated challenge when making an ethical decision is the differences between a More...

Influences in Ethical Decision Making

Making an ethical decision requires the person’s ability to differentiate what is wrong from what is right. But the idea of right and wrong is not uniform across all the individuals and this makes it interconnected to personal standards. As the person makes an ethical decision, he or she will employ the ethical standards that they know. A person’s standards of ethics can dictate how they make ethical decisions. And these standards are influenced by a lot of things. Ethical More...

Applications of Ethical Decision Making

The process of making ethical decisions has always been carefully taught in different avenues throughout the growth of a person. But there are still people who know the steps in ethical decision making by theory but do not know when and how to apply them. People actually use ethical decisions in a regular basis. But because this type of decision making has already become a routine for some, it turns into a common practice. The most common application of making More...

Factors Influencing Ethics

Ethical decision making is one of the confusing processes which everyone goes through every single day. This may not be noticeable to people, but is actually always being used. Every discipline is affected largely by the way people make decisions and integrate ethics with such process. This could be applicable to plenty of different fields such as businesses and political and medical issues. But what can we do to make our every decision ethical? According to experts, a decision becomes More...

Tips on Ethical Decision Making

Ethical decision making isn’t all that easy. When you think about it in theory, it may seem easy because you just have to go for the right decision and ditch the wrong choice. However in real life, choosing between two choices is really a challenging task. The first tip that you can use in making ethical decisions is look at the impact of your decision among the people who are involved in the situation. Before making a choice, look at More...

The process in making ethical decisions also involve choosing and evaluation all the alternatives in a more consistent way that integrates ethical principles. It is crucial to include the important elements when doing ethical decision making. It is always right versus wrong. You should always consider what will be the future implications of your actions. Evaluating vague, complex and insufficient facts is also important to obtain the needed information. Choose the alternative which you think will be the best to resolve the ethical problems.

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