Decision Making Process

Prior to making any decision, you should bear in mind these two most common questions in ethical decision making. Will your actions be ethical if you are asked to do something? How will come up with an ethical decision if you are required to personally make the decision?

In following orders from a superior, be sure to include these factors before making decisions.

• Know your priorities and loyalty

• Be loyal to your own self

• Your loyalty to the company

• Your loyalty to your superior

Always bear in mind the priorities: first is yourself, the company and last is your supervisor. If you are aware that what is being told you to do is wrong, don’t do it. When aren’t sure what is right, then ask the people in authority. Don’t hesitate to ask until you finally get an answer.

Ethics in Everyday Life

Live responsibly This is the most important factor that reflects issues on ethics regarding everyday living. It can create an opportunity for individuals who take into consideration the way they can affect the world and to the people whom they share it with. How then can we convert our good intentions of living responsibly into actions? There are groups of individuals, ordinary and professionals, who brought themselves together to create discussions and projects wherein they can come up with several More...

Assessing Ethical Decision Making

In order for groups, organizations, small businesses, and large companies to be aware if they are doing the correct practices in terms of ethical decision making, they have to assess their framework and their tools in order for them to gauge the level of positive outcomes that have been produced due to ethical decisions. There are a few reliable ways on how an organization can assess their skills in making ethical decisions. The first step is to allow a professional More...

How to Make Ethical Decisions

Usually, a formal, professional code of ethics is followed by small- and large-scale companies to support their employees in making decisions, especially if they are experiencing a dilemma. They establish these codes to ensure equal treatment among their employees. The code also requires all workers in an organization to respect the rights of one another. Because ethical decision making is extremely important in every business, companies should establish an ethics team assigned to create a code of ethics. An ethical More...

General Rules in Ethical Decision Making

Each and every organization or company can have their own set of ethical framework when making decisions. But there is always a norm when it comes to following what needs to be rolled out within the company or congregation. It is necessary to know the general rules when it comes to ethical decision making. The first general rule is the rule of gains. In this rule, you base your decision making skills according to the effects of the possible outcomes. More...

Factors Affecting Ethical Decision Making

Ethics is always related to knowing what is right and differentiating it from what is wrong. When people do ethical decision making, it is always necessary to choose what is right over the other choices. But there are certainly a lot of factors that may affect the ethical decision that a person is going to make. One of the factors that will really affect how a person makes an ethical decision is his or her own set of morals and More...

Justice and Fairness

To come up with fair ethical decisions, a person must have ethical commitments, competency and consciousness. Making decisions and thinking in an ethical manner requires practice. If you have been accustomed to making ethical decisions, it will be easier for to make fair one in the future. Although there are times that having commitment to do ethical decisions is already enough for some people; reasoning as well as skills in problem solving is still necessary. Asking yourself about how you More...

The Basics of Ethical Decision Making

People always decide on something every single day and the basis of decisions can be affected by so many factors. When people make a choice, they do not immediately think about what choice is right and which one is wrong because the initial phase of making a choice is always on how that choice can be benefit you. But majority of the time, people always make the right choice and eliminate the bad one based on the person’s set of More...

The process in making ethical decisions also involve choosing and evaluation all the alternatives in a more consistent way that integrates ethical principles. It is crucial to include the important elements when doing ethical decision making. It is always right versus wrong. You should always consider what will be the future implications of your actions. Evaluating vague, complex and insufficient facts is also important to obtain the needed information. Choose the alternative which you think will be the best to resolve the ethical problems.

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