Decision Making Process

Prior to making any decision, you should bear in mind these two most common questions in ethical decision making. Will your actions be ethical if you are asked to do something? How will come up with an ethical decision if you are required to personally make the decision?

In following orders from a superior, be sure to include these factors before making decisions.

• Know your priorities and loyalty

• Be loyal to your own self

• Your loyalty to the company

• Your loyalty to your superior

Always bear in mind the priorities: first is yourself, the company and last is your supervisor. If you are aware that what is being told you to do is wrong, don’t do it. When aren’t sure what is right, then ask the people in authority. Don’t hesitate to ask until you finally get an answer.

Applications of Ethical Decision Making

The process of making ethical decisions has always been carefully taught in different avenues throughout the growth of a person. But there are still people who know the steps in ethical decision making by theory but do not know when and how to apply them. People actually use ethical decisions in a regular basis. But because this type of decision making has already become a routine for some, it turns into a common practice. The most common application of making More...

How to Make Ethical Decisions

Usually, a formal, professional code of ethics is followed by small- and large-scale companies to support their employees in making decisions, especially if they are experiencing a dilemma. They establish these codes to ensure equal treatment among their employees. The code also requires all workers in an organization to respect the rights of one another. Because ethical decision making is extremely important in every business, companies should establish an ethics team assigned to create a code of ethics. An ethical More...

Preventing Bad Ethical Decision Making

There are a lot of people who think they are making ethical decisions but do not actually produce decisions that have a positive impact to the situation. These people make use of poor ethical decision making skills which could lead to faulty and negative outcomes. In order to prevent these poor decisions, an individual must know the characteristics of a poor decision. In order to avoid poor decisions, people who are tasked in choosing the decision or making the choice More...

Assessing Ethical Decision Making

In order for groups, organizations, small businesses, and large companies to be aware if they are doing the correct practices in terms of ethical decision making, they have to assess their framework and their tools in order for them to gauge the level of positive outcomes that have been produced due to ethical decisions. There are a few reliable ways on how an organization can assess their skills in making ethical decisions. The first step is to allow a professional More...

What is Ethics

In its simplest definition, ethics is all about doing the right thing. It is the philosophy about human duty, the rules on behavior as well as the duty of a person to stay honorable. Ethics usually reflects the acceptable standards of morals of people that they impose upon themselves. It is generally a type of contract a person has with the society or to the group they serve. The craving for power, greed and blind ambitions are among the factors More...

Ethical Relativism

The ethical judgments or principle which is comparable to a culture or individual is called the theory of Ethical relativism. This theory, when stated indefinitely is recognized by a lot of lay persons and philosophers. However, there are also philosophers who perceive this theory as false and they couldn’t believe that so many individuals are embracing it. Individuals who willingly entertain relativism displayed significant respects wherein ethics is related however mistakenly conclude that value-based ethics are subjective. People who reject More...

Right vs Virtue

Morality and ethics help people in making good choices and decisions. Various codes of ethics provide different standards for categorizing and resolving issues on morality. Ethical ideals usually come from famous ancient and modern philosophers, religious figures, scholars and even from personal beliefs. Although these philosophies about ethics are different, every ethical code type has vital core values that serve a guide in ethical decision making. Morals and ethics guides any decision making as well as control the way people More...

The process in making ethical decisions also involve choosing and evaluation all the alternatives in a more consistent way that integrates ethical principles. It is crucial to include the important elements when doing ethical decision making. It is always right versus wrong. You should always consider what will be the future implications of your actions. Evaluating vague, complex and insufficient facts is also important to obtain the needed information. Choose the alternative which you think will be the best to resolve the ethical problems.

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