Factors Affecting Ethical Decision Making

Ethics is always related to knowing what is right and differentiating it from what is wrong. When people do ethical decision making, it is always necessary to choose what is right over the other choices.

But there are certainly a lot of factors that may affect the ethical decision that a person is going to make. One of the factors that will really affect how a person makes an ethical decision is his or her own set of morals and values. Even though ethics and morals are different, people associate morals into these decisions because these are what they think is correct and just.

Another factor that could affect the decision of an individual is the person involved in the problem. It is generally much harder to make a decision when you are close with the people in the situation as to making a choice between people that you do not know.

Time is also a very essential factor that needs to be considered. Because an ethical decision involves reflecting and figuring out which one is right from the wrong one, it usually would take time. The person’s reputation may also play a role because a person who is at a higher position is always expected to do what is best for the people around him.

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