Justice and Fairness

To come up with fair ethical decisions, a person must have ethical commitments, competency and consciousness. Making decisions and thinking in an ethical manner requires practice. If you have been accustomed to making ethical decisions, it will be easier for to make fair one in the future. Although there are times that having commitment to do ethical decisions is already enough for some people; reasoning as well as skills in problem solving is still necessary.

Asking yourself about how you feel with your decision prior to implementing it can help a lot. You must also feel comfortable with your choice especially if you believe that it is just and fair, and how it can possibly affect other people or the company you are working with.

You can also ask the suggestions or comments from people close to you especially your family and friends. If there are hesitations on the decisions you made, then it’s about time to go back again to the basic. Usually, the instinct of some people to hide their decisions may have resulted from deeper reservations and indecisions about the issue on whether their way of ethical decision making is wrong or right.

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